Meet Dr. Rachel Bernard, assistant professor of geology

“My name is Rachel Bernard and I’m a visiting Assistant Professor at Amherst College in Massachusetts. My research is on understanding deformation processes in the lower crust and upper mantle as preserved by microstructures in xenoliths — rocks that come to the surface through volcanic eruptions. My education and research has taken me to the Mojave Desert, middle-of-nowhere Nevada, Ireland, Newfoundland, Baja California Mexico, the Philippines, and Australia.

I love the geosciences and thinking about how we can make our field more diverse. In graduate school I was the only black grad student in the UT school of geosciences (which had over 200 grad students!!) for all but my first year. What bothered me most was that nobody seemed to notice or be bothered by that fact (though that began to change towards the end). While we have a loooong way to go, I’m so happy to see that we’re finally beginning to have the right conversations around geo diversity."

- Dr. Rachel Bernard (@geologybae)