Meet Tim Shin, exploration geologist

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." -Nelson Mandela

I didn't hike/camp much as a kid because my parents didn't like doing it. So I had a bit of a tortuous path to get to my career. I did 3 years in electrical engineering at UTexas before figuring out I could actually love and have a passion for my work. I switched to Geology at the Jackson School of Geosciences after figuring out my true passion and worked another 4 years on my BSc. 

I went from failing to getting special honors and having an honors research thesis which I published on from loving field work in Turkey, creating a student organization for space sciences (UTPOSSE), to working at NASA Ames on field work via rover to eventually graduating with my BSc.  I was often told I'd never make it to graduate school but I got accepted to 6/7 programs. The 7th didn't have funding for another student.

Then in my MSc I did field work on core complexes in the Greek isles while on Fellowship. I was one of very few black people at UT JSG. If you read Rachel Bernard's feature - I was that only other black graduate student in The Department her first year of her PhD. No black faculty. That experience led me to propose GSA start the "On The Road to the Future Scholarship" as meeting geoscientists who looked like me was huge.

I am now an early-to-mid-career Exploration Geoscientist at Total E&P Americas, LLC where I come up with new prospects in the US Gulf of Mexico offshore as a seismic interpreter/structural geologist/salt-tectonics specialist. My other passions lead me to be a renewable energy advocate, a GSA Diversity in the Geosciences Committee Member-At-Large, and AAPG Salt Basins Vice Chair. I aim to wield my platform to diversify the geosciences and to mentor early career geos and help transition us to greener energy."

- Tim Shin (He/Him)

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Twitter: @gneiss_tim