Meet Juliana Carvalho, Master's student in geology

"Hello! My name is Juliana Carvalho, I'm from Brazil and I'm currently doing a master's degree at the University of Brasília. My research involves magmatic differentiation, such as magma mixing and mingling. I mainly analyze the chemical changes resulting from these processes and try to reestablish the initial conditions of these system.

Even though it is a public university, the insertion of black people is still not effective. This is remarkable when I come across the fact that there were no black teachers at my institute and few black colleagues. Furthermore, as I am also a lesbian, I have already had unpleasant moments within the geoscience environment (and outside it). Thus, I see that the guidelines about black and LGBTQI + people, as well as the guidelines about misogyny, must go together and not isolated, and deserve space for speech in the geosciences environment.''

- Juliana Carvalho (@julicarvalhob)