Meet Dr. Sian Proctor, professor of geology, sustainability, and planetary science

"Being a geoscientist has enabled me to explore our amazing world and to use my love of space to inspire those within my reach and beyond."

- Dr. Sian Proctor (she/her)

Dr. Proctor is a professor of geology, sustainability, and planetary science. She lived in a Mars simulation funded by NASA for four months. She is an explorer, analog astronaut, geoscientist, and science communicator. Her enthusiam has engaged many on topics from freeze-dried food and astrobiology to diversity in STEM and impostor syndrome. Dr. Proctor has been featured on TedX, Strange Evidence, Genius by Stephen Hawking, The STEM Journals, and The Colony, a post-apocalyptic show on Discovery Channel.

Dr. Poctor recently made the Top 15 in the #MarsShot social media campaign. Please visit if you'd like to support Dr. Proctor with a vote.

Instagram: @drsianproctor

Twitter: @drsianproctor