Meet Vanessa Caetano, petroleum geoscientist

"Hi GeoLovers❤

My name is Vanessa Caetano, I'm from Angola and I'm a Geoscientist⚒🧗‍♀️. I have a degree in Geology and a Masters degree in Petroleum Geoscience. I'm passionate about Exploration Geology and Pure Sedimentology. However, I'm always delighted to work with every aspect of the Geo.

One of my main goals is to develop the scientific community in my country and make sure that the number of Angola women in STEM rises not gradually but exponentially. Unfortunately data shows that black scientists count less than 5% in S&E and we, black community, must to increase it.

I'm currently working on a scientific paper with some wonderful Angolan and European scientists and what makes this experience so satisfying and, yet, exciting is the fact that I'm part of a project which is pioneering the coastal outcrops of the capital and adjacent provinces.

I would like to thank the page for promoting our community and hope that the amazing stories shown here inspire more black people, especially those who are starting their undergrad studies in the Geo areas. I'm sure you won't regret your decisions and hopefully you will, one day, come back to the page and tell your wonderful story😊🙌🏾 Another great thing about being a Geoscientist is that you get to travel the world, mostly for free😅 and admire our beautiful planet. So I'll let you appreciate some of the photos I've taken in different countries when doing fieldwork."

- Vanessa Caetano (@aurevanessa)