Meet Nydra Harvey, Master's student in environmental geosciences

"My name is Nydra Harvey and I’m from Chicago. I have a background in Geology and I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree in Environmental Geosciences at California State University - East Bay. During my grad career I’ve had the opportunity to conduct research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where I carried out sequential chemical extractions from floodplain sediments of the East River Watershed in Colorado. During this time I also picked up a project that would later be used for my thesis. My current research involves the use of XAS (X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy) to focus on soil-plant microbiome interactions with an emphasis on phosphorus cycling.

It brings me great joy and inspiration to see many others who look like me and share the same passion, geology. I know all too well the struggles of feeling out of place due to the lack of diversity in this field — whether it be at a conference or in a classroom setting. I’m grateful for this platform amongst a few others, which allows us to feel seen and be heard! I’m hopeful for change and willing to do what I can to change the narrative."

- Nydra Harvey (@urthling_ny)