Meet Michelle Alvarez, Engineer-in-Training and Texas Master Naturalist

"Howdy! My name is Michelle Alvarez and I am a Hispanic civil engineer-in-training and Texas Master Naturalist. I focus my efforts on all things water resources. Whether its drinking water, stormwater, wastewater, waterway conservation/protection-- if it flows I'm there. I also nurture a passion for sustainable infrastructure as a whole and encourage fellow engineers to not only ask if we are doing a project right but to ask if we are doing the right project. I work for a consulting engineering firm and serve mostly small municipal clients.

My interest in the field started when I first watched a documentary on climate change at age 10. Heartbroken, I Googled careers that could help me help the planet and landed on civil engineering. 13 years later I am well on my way to my civil engineering license.

I received my bachelor of science in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University in 2018. My journey through university was difficult and involved many failures. Learning to cope with my anxiety disorder while studying left me very unsure whether I was "good enough" to become a civil engineer. Support from my on-campus community sustained me through my degree.

Community continues to be a vital element to my success and to my life as a whole. A lack of diversity is an issue in both the engineering leadership in my workplace and the naturalist groups I volunteer with. But water (and the internet) connect all of us, and the support I continue to receive encourages me to keep my voice heard and work to make this planet a better, more welcoming place." - Michelle Alvarez (she/her) Instagram: @waves.of.evergreen