Meet Meghomita Das, PhD student studying structural geology and tectonics

"Hello everyone, I am Meghomita Das. I am from Mumbai, India. I started with my PhD program in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at McGill University. Currently, I am looking at this special activity called Episodic tremor and slow slip (ETS). It occurs along subduction zones at deep depths. I am trying to look at the rock signatures that provides some clues about past ETS activity. I chose Geology since it allowed me to combine my 2 favorite subjects: Physics and Geography. Plus, the added benefit of going to remote places for fieldwork, experiencing new cultures and getting paid to be outdoors made me lean towards the Geosciences. Geosciences has and still is, a male-dominated field. I always had very few female colleagues in all the classes and field trips I have been in so far. Moreover, very few of my fellow colleagues continued further down the path. This one-sided population in geosciences creates road-blocks and hampers our pursuit of understanding our Planet. I have had my share of ups and downs as I made by way through this field. During the harder episodes, I found it difficult to find someone who could relate to my situation and give me proper guidance as there was a lack of female faculty at my previous affiliations. As a minority in the field, this is a very common issue where we don't have a support network to guide us. Going forward with my Phd program, I was really happy to find a supportive female supervisor, which was a refreshing change for me as well as a diverse lab group where we could share our stories and our backgrounds in a safe space. To all the aspiring geoscientists (from under-represented groups), your journey ahead might be hard and challenging. But we are all here for you, if you ever need someone to hear you out and we are working really hard to make the geoscience environment more wholesome and supportive."

- Meghomita Das (she/her)

Instagram: @meghomita