Meet Lynnea Jackson, Master's student in vertebrate paleontology

"My name is Lynnea Jackson and I am a Masters student studying vertebrate paleontology at the University of Minnesota. I will be researching sauropod dentition starting this fall! I just completed my Bachelor's in geology with a minor in anthropology at Michigan State University where there were few people of color in any of my classes. I have loved paleontology since I was seven years old and visited the Field Museum and saw dinosaurs for the first time. I knew what I wanted to be since that day and no one has been able to change my mind! Ever since then I have loved getting involved in science and research. I love being able to do hands on work and have enjoyed joining the Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute's dig for the past two summers. As a black female paleontologist it is sometimes discouraging not being able to see many people in my field who look like me, but I hope that I can be an example for other young kids who are excited to learn and show them that they have a place in this community." - Lynnea Jackson (she/her)

Twitter: @lynneasimone

Instagram: @lynnea_simone