Meet Dr. Lucan Mameri, postdoctoral scholar in geology

"I am a graduated geologist from the University of Brasilia in Brazil and the University of Derby in England. I recently obtained my PhD at the University of Montpellier in France, where I developed models that take into account mechanical anisotropy (i.e. dependence of rock behavior on the direction of forces). As part of my PhD, I also had the opportunity to live in Italy, Germany, and Argentina. During the first 2 years of my undergraduate studies, I struggled to keep up the pace. I faced more than an hour a day on crowded buses to go and come back from university, in addition to extra work in a non-profit animal protection organization. During this period, I failed a few modules. My international experience has allowed me to witness prejudice in different situations, for example, being ignored in group activities or discredited even before expressing myself, when I was detained in an airport migration office for 1 hour without any explanation, or when I heard from a full professor ‘Who did you fooled to get here?’. I didn't bother and continued doing my best. I'm now looking forward to starting my post-doc in the USA, at City College New York & Brown University. Apart from the (fun)-busy life of science, I enjoy wild hiking and running, a gripping book in a park, or a night out with friends with a good beer. I ''sort of'' play keyboard, guitar, and harmonica. My preferred music genres are reggae, dub, blues, jazz, cumbia, and samba, no matter country, language, color, or gender, the greater the diversity, the better."

- Dr. Lucan Mameri (he/him)

IG: @lucanmameri

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