Meet Dr. Lisa White, Director of Education

"Hello, I’m Lisa White, Director of Education at the Museum of Paleontology at UC Berkeley. I came to the fields of paleontology and geology quite by accident, one of my first professional aspirations was nature photographer. After taking a geology class for a general education requirement while I was an undergraduate at San Francisco State University (SFSU), I fell in love with the discipline and was fortunate to intern at the US Geological Survey in Menlo Park. There I was exposed to field work, great mentors and, while in graduate school at UC Santa Cruz, I began to specialize in micropaleontology and marine geology. Before coming to UC Berkeley in 2012, I spent 22 years as Professor of Geosciences at SFSU and directed a number of geoscience outreach programs for urban students. These included the SF-ROCKS (Reaching Out to Communities and Kids with Science in San Francisco) and METALS (Minority Education through Teaching and Learning in the Sciences) programs designed to train and guide underrepresented students in wide-ranging field-based geoscience learning experiences. At the UC Museum of Paleontology I incorporate museum research into teaching and learning materials on evolution, nature and process of science, and global change, and work to expand UCMP online resources for educators who seek to be more inclusive in their instructional practices. I continue to run field-based programs for students, at sea and on land, and I develop virtual field experiences to classic geological localities along the west coast of the US."

- Lisa White (she/her)

Instagram: @lisa_to_a_fault

Twitter: @lisatoafault

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