Meet Kira Fish, aspiring marine geochemist

"Hi! My name is Kira Fish, and I am a young queer geologist currently applying to PhD programs. My love of geology actually stemmed from my love of the ocean. I happened to take an invertebrate paleontology class from a queer professor who loved the ocean as much as I did, and immediately, I was hooked. Before college, my idea of a geologist was a hardened, gruff white man with a beard, trudging through the backcountry and mapping the landscape. But this professor showed me that people like ME were in this field, and they were doing some pretty amazing research.

While I plan to pursue a career in geosciences, I am currently working as a mental health emergency responder for individuals experiencing homelessness in San Diego. I have always been an advocate for interdisciplinary education, and just as studying chemistry and physics is essential to understanding geology, I believe principles of community advocacy, restorative justice, and multicultural understanding are essential to becoming a well-rounded scientist. As researchers, we have a responsibility to understand the implications of our studies beyond our relatively small academic communities, and we must continue to imbed anti-racism/colonialism into our studies. I'm proud to represent a small part of diversity in the geosciences, and I hope to see diversity of the field increase as time goes on!"

- Kira Fish (she/her)

Instagram: @kira_fish7

Twitter: @milankobitch

Research Gate: Kira Fish