Meet Jessica Vieira, data analyst and mudlogger

"Hi, my name is Jessica Vieira, I am from Brazil and I currently live and work in the US. When I was younger I would pick up all the interesting rocks that I found and I would take them home, which drove my mom crazy, but it was how my parents knew I was a geologist in the making.

Now, after graduating with a geology degree from The Univeristy of Texas at Austin, I have been working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico as a data analyst and mud logger. Working in the oilfield has been tough, from being the only woman (and black woman) on a rig to holding my own as my company’s representative. Because I stand out so much, people tend to remember me even when I don’t remember them. On some rigs, the men would blatantly stare at me and not say a thing. It was so uncomfortable.

I felt major impostor syndrome, both at school and at work. But now I am more comfortable in owning my space and exerting my presence, because I deserve to be there just like everybody else. Representation matters! And I cannot say it enough. Thank you to @diversitygeologists for showcasing each unique journey and fields that we, the diverse geologists, participate in."

- Jessica Vieira (@jessxv18)