Meet Proto-Dr. Jazmin Scarlett, historical and social volcanologist

"I was inspired by my family’s stories of a volcano called La Soufrière on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. That inspiration propelled me to not only learn about geoscience, and volcanology in particular, but centralise my research on the social and cultural aspects of living with active volcanism.

Diversity is so important as it offers so many different perspectives that you may not have thought about, and I do my best to represent as many diverse voices as possible in my work. This also goes for diversity in geoscience, which is one of the worst fields in terms of ethnic diversity. How can we learn about the world we live in, if we do not broaden our minds to the endless possibilities of solving problems that the power of diversity brings?"

- Proto-Dr. Jazmin Scarlett (she/her)


Twitter: scarlett_jazmin