Meet Carlos Cunha, geologist

"Hi fellow Geos! My name is Carlos Cunha, I am from Angola and I have a degree in Applied Geology. I am passionate about exploration, mineral deposits and metamorphic rocks. My passion for Geology started in High School, because it was an unknown subject at the time and I didn’t get along very well with the teacher because of my many questions. I wanted to know more about how the world and its resources were formed. Then I went to uni (UK) to study geology. In the beginning it wasn’t all roses because of the enormous information I had to take in and language barrier. However, in the end it all went well and I feel like I have learned a lot and ready to kickstart a career in mining.

I want to become a diamond grader and a commodity’s market analyst, and be able to give back to my community by starting local educational projects on business and geology for women and children in rural communities."

- Carlos Cunha (@lalibelashow)