Meet Isabelle Vasconcelos Alcantara, graduate student in geology

"Hi! My name is Isabelle Vasconcelos Alcantara, I am from Brazil and a graduate student in Geology at the State University of Rio de Janeiro. I am also a student of voluntary scientific initiation in the project of igneous petrology and magmatic evolution of the alkaline bodies belonging to the Vitória-Trindade Ridge, in the state of Espírito Santo (BR), and I study, more specifically, the Montague seamount.

Being part of a mostly white, male and elitist course here in Brazil is a daily challenge, but the presence of other black women in undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees is stimulating and encouraging, building a support network based on inspiration and reference. I want other black girls not to come close to thinking that they don't belong here. Thank you Diverse Geologists for being another support network."

- Isabelle Vasconcelos Alcantara (she/her)

Instagram: @isa_vasconceloss