Meet Guadalupe Gonzalez Smith, Master's student in environmental geology

"My name is is Guadalupe Gonzalez Smith, and I just finished my undergraduate degree in Geology and will be starting my Master’s in environmental geology with focuses in sedimentology and hydrology at Wichita State University this fall!

I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors and grew up traveling all over the country . That’s what inspired me to pursue a degree in geology.

The covid pandemic has altered many aspects in completing my degree. Up until the pandemic began, i started doing research using XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) to look at the chemical signatures of Cretaceous strata in the Wyoming/Montana area to correlate events, like regressions and transgressions. Then, classes were moved online and so was my field camp. I will be completing my field camp experience in the form of a Minecraft game! This is will very interesting! But, it’s all about perseverance!

The past five years have been nothing but amazing yet challenging. Being Latina in a male-dominated field has posed obstacles. I have been passed over on scholarships and job (internship) opportunities several times that have been given to my male classmates, but that has not stopped me. I want to inspire not only my Latino community, but all the younger generations that want to pursue a career in STEM. I will continue to work hard and overcome adversity, and my hope is to one day become a research geologist for the USGS!"

- Guadalupe Gonzales Smith (@guadag_geology)

(Picture is from the Niobrara Chalk formations in Western Kansas.)