Meet April, geoscience educator

"My passion for Geology was ignited by my college professor/mentor at Georgia Southwestern State University. Science was never a field I saw myself working in but I was inspired. After spending four years working as a Geoscientist, I transitioned to being a science educator. This change was sparked by a personal call to action to influence young black scholars to pursue STEM careers, as I noticed there were a limited number of black geologists/scientists in my workplace. As I transitioned to science education, I started Science For Granite, where I video chat with elementary and middle school scholars about my experience as a Geologist with the hopes of inspiring them to pursue STEM careers. I am currently a middle school science teacher where I have made it my goal to increase scholars’ confidence in learning science by using science to explain our world.

The picture is from my time working as a Field Geologist in Oklahoma. I am in the dog house standing next to a tri-cone drill bit that has been worn by chert."

- April S. (@scienceforgranite)