Meet Dan Boatright, geoscience educator

"I have taught geology A level for 10 years. I'm now work at Joseph Chamberlain College in inner city Birmingham. I love working in such a diverse part of the country, with many of our students from deprived areas of the city and are the first generation going to university. It is great to bring Geology to a community who do not often gain access to the subject (we are the only college in the city that teaches the subject). I also get to talk about geophysics all the time and have a classroom full of dinosaurs so my job is awesome!

My experience as a member of the LGBT+ community has been mixed. When I was younger I found that being very sporty meant there was some homophobia because of my sexuality but I often found the LGBT+ community was often a bit negative towards my choices as they were not considered part of the culture. But things have changed and people have become a lot more inclusive. I worry about some of the racism and transphobia that comes about but the Geological community is one of the most welcoming so I am honoured to be part of it!"

- Dan Boatright (Twitter: @pershoreDan)