Meet Grisel Jiménez, research scientist in carbonate modelling

"Hola! My name is Grisel Jiménez, and I am a Hispanic Engineering Geologist and Technology enthusiast. My passion is to transform creative scientific ideas into useful applications for natural resource exploration and geological hazard monitoring. I grew up at more than 3600 meters in a real-time geological laboratory: La Paz near the Andean range in Bolivia but also ranked one of the poorest cities in South America and now living in South East Asia in Malaysia. My childhood was surrounded by rocks and geology landscapes. Continuous hiking from an early age through the Andes helped me to discover my fascination for the planet Earth or "Pachamama" in my native language: Aymara.

My journey through my career was full of challenges but I found them as they are “challenges”. Since an early age, I was determined to pursuing my dreams despite my economic conditions. I applied to competitive scholarships and jobs while studying and I am very grateful for the opportunity for those aid because helped me to complete my studies in La Paz Bolivia at Universidad Mayor de San Andres and my Master studies in Montpellier, France. Education helped me to work in private and public Oil and Gas companies, being Lecturer at private and public Universities in Bolivia, working in research laboratories in Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, France and now Malaysia.

Currently, I decided to challenge myself and enter again to the Research Applied world of Carbonate Modelling in Malaysia and it really opened my mind to other types of doors like Coding and more software skills.

I am grateful to see an incredible increase in communities like you, Geolatinas, Woman Who Code and Women Techmakers who embrace equity and support visibility opportunities for everyone around the world."

- Grisel Jiménez (she/her)

Instagram: @georockgris

Twitter: @georockgris

Research Gate: Grisel Jiménez Soto