Meet Fernando Marín, Master's student in raw materials exploration and sustainability

"Hello World! My name is Fernando Marín Figueroa, a young chilean geologist, I decided to study abroad, to be precise in Modena, Italy, because there are subtle similarities with my country of origin, the climate, warm people, the language is romance, in fact it didn't take me long to learn Italian and last but not least I moved to Italy to have another point of view of Geosciences, different from the profile that is formed in my country that is centered on Economic Geology, despite this during my undergraduate I was an active member of the Society of Economic Geologists and I am currently a master student at the University of Bologna, Raw Materials Exploration and Sustainability program.

Geology came into my life as a key piece, because it is practically the intersection of a variety of scientific areas -mainly physics and chemistry to which I have always been close- as well as a combination of work in the field and in the laboratory, without a doubt, it's everything I ever wanted!

Nowadays one of my greatest interest is to reform Earth Sciences through the integration of new tools based on Data Science and disruptive programming, the sciences are adapting in this immense ocean of information and geology is not left out. Finally, I am convinced that every professional career has a social role and in the first place I believe that it is relevant for us to take care of our planet, in addition to explaining with hard data what it means that we live in the Anthropocene and that we cannot sit idly by."

- Fernando Marín (he/him)

Instagram: @fernando.marin.f

Twitter: @fernandomarinf

Research Gate: Fernando Marín