Meet Emma Jean, geologist

"When I was a kid, my great-grandmother used to pray over me that I would become a medical doctor when I grew up. At the age of 18, I realized becoming a health care doctor was just not for me and instead, chose to pursue my studies in Geology. To say it was the best leap of faith decision I have made, would be a bit of an exaggerated statement. I went through stages of imposter syndrome and isolation while being the only black female student at my university for 2 years. I was not financially or mentally prepared for the mandatory 6-week field camp capstone either. But the journey has been very rewarding and an eye-opener for me.

My biggest struggle was figuring out what I wanted to specialize in. I've always been intrigued by Natural Hazards and I was reassured that Geology was the right field for me after learning that I could incorporate geohazards and geographic information systems. Ultimately, I plan to pursue a tenured position within a university serving as the department chair for a Geological/Earth Science department. I want to serve and inspire others while promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity for women and minorities in STEM."

- Emma Jean (she/her/hers)

Twitter: Geomamacita