Meet Delcio Teixeira, Master's student in geology

"My name is and I’m from Angola 🇦🇴!! I was first introduced to Geology back in High School by the only black geoscience professor I’ve had so far, Professor Gama. Since then, I became fascinated by how geologists can understand the processes that shape Earth’s surface (how cool is that?😆) and right now I don’t see myself taking a different career path.

I have a B.S in Petroleum Geology and I’m about to complete my Masters degree in Geology ⚒. Although I enjoy every aspect of geosciences, I have a soft spot for Exploration Geology, Stratigraphy, and Optical Petrography. I’m currently working on a research project that assesses the diagenesis of local Mississippian rocks in outcrop and applies paleomagnetic methods to date those diagenetic events. In the near future, I hope to gain significant technical and professional experience in the Petroleum Industry, and eventually get my PhD in order to pursue my passion for academia and research.

The geosciences are among the least diverse STEM fields. As a young black geoscientist, it has always been an ordeal to find someone whom I’m comfortable to blatantly share my experience or seek for career advice and mentorship. For this reason, my long-term goal is to develop a community center that allows minorities and marginalized groups (especially children 💜) to explore the different venues in geosciences, obtain mentorship, and see themselves represented in their fields of interest. In the meantime, I encourage my fellow geoscientists to keep amplifying your voices and raise awareness for social injustices. There’s hope, and together we have the power to make those changes ⚒."

- Delcio Teixeira (he/him/his)

Instagram: @delcio.dt

Twitter: delciosdt