Meet Brianna Green, Masters student in biogeochemistry

"Hey, my name is Brianna Green and I'm currently a Master's student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. I recently graduated from New Mexico Tech with a Bachelor's degree in Earth Science. I started out at a community college where I took my first geology class and fell in love with the art of piecing together stories of the geologic past. This prompted me to seek out internships related to Geology. I participated in several internship throughout undergrad which helped me to narrow down my interest. After working on a project looking at Uranium concentrations in water and soil samples from Indigenous communities I knew I wanted to do similar type work in the future. My experiences during these internships made it abundantly evident to me how important diversity and inclusivity is in a research team. Reflecting on my personal experiences in undergrad, there were many times I felt left out and unwanted. Being the only Black woman in my department made it especially difficult to deal with these feelings. Reaching out and connecting with other BIPOC scientists and students helped me to open up about these struggles I faced. Additionally, hearing others' stories about their personal struggles made me feel like I wasn't alone. Developing this support system was crucial to my success and growth as a Scientist. As I continue in my STEM journey, I hope to provide others with this same type of support and share my story to encourage others to do the same!"

- Brianna Green (she/hers)

Instagram: @greenbrianna7

Twitter: @Geo_BRIology