Meet Cameron Muskelly, paleontologist

"Hello! My name Cameron Muskelly. I am a Paleontologist from Atlanta, Georgia where I do outreach work for various museum and events about paleontology and geology. My main interests are in Historical Geology and Deep time Geology. This is where I emphasize the importance of the history of our planet and why it matters through the various fossils and rocks that can be found not too far from where you live. I specialize mainly in the paleontology of my home state but focus on the fossil record of the eastern part of the United States.

Besides being black in Geosciences I am also on the Autism Spectrum. I struggle with social skills and communication skills. Paleontology has helped me cope with me being on the spectrum. In fact, being Autistic is why I am so passionate about geology and paleontology in the first place. I hope to help others with similar struggles I have being a black and autistic person in the Geosciences."

- Cameron Muskelly (@PaleoCameron)