Geo Reading for Equity

"We are a group of Geoscience graduate students, faculty, and researchers spanning multiple institutions who are passionate about improving equity and access in our field. We read all the time for science, so why not read to educate ourselves about equity? So often we predominantly ask the under represented groups in our communities to do the work of educating us, yet we educate ourselves and each other all the time in a range of topics related to our disciplines."

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In the Media

"It’s time to change the geosciences’ outdated, exclusionary, and ableist field requirements" - Sister (2020)

"The pressure to assimilate" - Science (2020)

"White Academia: Do Better." - Medium (2020)

"Scientists push against barriers to diversity in the field sciences" - Science (2020)

"Deep Biases Prevent Diverse Talent from Advancing" - Eos (2020)

"Earth science has a whiteness problem" - New York Times (2019)

"Why The 'I Don't See Color' Mantra Is Hurting Your Diversity And Inclusion Efforts" - Forbes (2019)

"Science has to do better for its queer, trans, and non-binary scientists" - Massive Science (2019)

"Mental Health and Field Work" - Geological Society of London blog (2019)

"Diversity in the great outdoors. Is everyone welcome in America's parks and public lands?" - Resources (2019)

"Why Don't the Geosciences Have More Diversity?" - Scientific American (2018)

"Let's talk about mental health in academia" - European Geosciences Union blog (2018)

"Picture a paleontologist. What do they look like?" - Medium (2017)

"Inclusive Earth" - @theU - University of Utah (2017)

"Being 'Outdoorsy' When You're Black or Brown" - NPR's Code Switch (2016)

"Shattering the glass closet" - Science Magazine (2008)

Peer-Reviewed Research

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