Black Lives Matter.

Diverse Geologists stands in solidarity with the Black community

and is committed to permanent action in dismantling systemic racism.

We see you and we are listening.


Hi! Welcome to our brand new page and community organization. This group was created in response to the tremendously lacking diversity that exists both in geoscience fields and in outdoor recreation.

Our Mission

Diverse Geologists is an international, collaborative vision to see greater representation of marginalized individuals in geoscience. Many of us benefit from various privileges (i.e. race, gender, mobility, physical/mental health, socioeconomic class, citizenship, etc.) that have undoubtedly contributed to our success stories. It is our responsibility to uplift the voices of the unheard and commit to permanent action in advocating for their leadership.

We are committed to taking action. We will share voices of marginalized individuals. We will share donation links. We will provide statistics and other useful information. We will fight the lack of diverse representation by representing diverse folks. Please join us in sharing your story.


07.26.2020 | Sunday July 26, 2020

Public radio reporter/producer in search of BIPOC geoscientists who'd like to discuss mining lithium or cobalt

Public radio Reporter/Producer, in search of geologists/volcanologists/chemical engineers who can enthusiastically talk about the following topics in a manner that is accessible to laypeople with an interest in the science behind batteries:


  1. The amazing and immense forces that created the Earth’s ore deposits.

  2. How amazing it is that most of the stuff around us is made from some combination of elements mined from our planet.

  3. Why Lithium is an interesting metal/element, and what makes it so good for use in batteries (weight, reactivity).


Interviews will hopefully be used for an episode of the podcast Outside/In, from NHPR.  If interested, please email and put “lithium interview” in the subject line.



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